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  • Michael Kramp - One Legged Ninja

    Teaching jump kicks is one of the hardest jobs in the martial arts. This game makes it easy and fun to learn the basics of jump kicking.
    Balance | Kicking | Games | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Walk the Line

    Use the noodle like a balance beam to help your younger students train their balance and ultimately improve their coordination and kicking skills.
    Balance | Kids | Coordination

  • Michael Kramp - Walk The Line - 1 Student

    This drill is sometimes more effective in smaller classes so that students aren't falling onto each other. See the other Walk the Line video to see how this drill is used in a class setting.
    Balance | Kicking | Coordination | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Cannonball Balance

    Using Wavemasters as a back-stop, toss balance balls at your younger students to help them work on balance.
    Balance | Kids | Games | Focus

  • Michael Kramp - The Pound Sign

    Use noodles to create a pound sign that students can use to jump in various directions to work balance. To make sure they are focused, you can throw in some techniques as well.
    Kids | Balance | Coordination | Focus

  • Melody Shuman - Elevator Drill

    Increase your students' balance skills by stacking body shields under them while executing kicks. Be sure to support your students when stacking three body shields so they are not injured if they fall.
    Kids | Games | Kicking | Balance | Coordination

  • Melody Shuman - Don't Drop the Pad

    The students will balance a focus pad on their foot during a fully extended side kick to build great leg strength. This will teach your students perseverance so that they never give up when doing drills.
    Kids | Games | Perseverance | Balance | Concentration

  • Melody Shuman - Dizzy Kicks

    Pre-school aged students will spin around 4 times before attempting front kicks. This is a fun drill that helps balance and coordination.
    Kids | Kicking | Balance | Coordination

  • Melody Johnson - Crazy 8s

    Students will draw figure 8's with their leg almost as if they were kicking. This is great for control, balance, and preparing students for multiple kicks.
    Kids | Flexibility | Balance | Kicking | Control

  • Melody Shuman - Around the World

    One student will perform round kicks in a circle trying to maintain balance and avoid hopping. The other students in class will help out by holding the kicking paddles in a circle.
    Agility | Kids | Pivoting | Kicking | Balance

  • Melody Shuman - The Alphabet

    Challenge your students to make it all the way through the alphabet while keeping their leg chambered up in the air and kicking the whole time.
    Balance | Kicking | Focus | Chamber

  • Melody Shuman - Speeding Ladders

    Students will be challenged to execute clean front kicks while staying inside a ring, without hitting the body shield on the ground, and popping the paddle with good power.
    Control | Focus | Kids | Kicking | Balance

  • Melody Shuman - Round Kick Battle

    Students will race to see who can execute 10 round kicks on one leg without putting their foot down the fastest. The round is only finished when the student hits a strong fighting stance.
    Flexibility | Kicking | Balance | Kids | Speed

  • Melody Shuman - Pad Slides

    Taking their time, your students will slide on focus pads to step out into a split-like position. Be sure to tell your students that this is not a race!
    Flexibility | Balance | Kids

  • Melody Shuman - Ninja Rocks

    Your students will practice balance and kicking by carefully stepping down a path of focus pads without stepping down onto the mat.
    Kids | Balance | Kicking