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  • Kelly McCann Combatives 2: Stick & Ground Combat

    22 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    Following up on the success of Kelly McCann’s Combatives Self-Defense Course — and in response to all who demanded more specialized instruction from the world’s premier combatives teacher — the Black Belt Magazine presents Kelly McCann Combatives 2: Stick & Ground Combat.

  • Tree of Shaolin Kung Fu With Shaolin Monk Wang Bo

    57 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    Shaolin kung fu has thrived for 1,500 years because regular practice of the art conveys undeniable self-defense benefits while boosting attributes that are essential for a happy, active life, including strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Now you can journey along this traditional ...

  • Sifu Singh JKD for Black Belts - Attack Strategies

    109 videos  |   Buy $97.99

    This course includes 8 hours of advanced content delivered in 97 in depth training videos that are designed to provide martial artists of all styles and systems with the tactical edge in a street fight over opponents that are bigger, better, stronger, and faster. You will learn how to intercept ...

  • Kelly McCann’s Combatives Self-Defense Course

    22 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    Renowned military martial arts expert Kelly McCann teaches the ultimate self-defense seminar just for you on your digital device!