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Watch this video and more on Black Belt Drills

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Dave Kovar - Fun Stick Tricks - Soft Hands Number 2

Dave Kovar • 1m 39s

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  • Dave Kovar - Centering Drill

    This warm up drill is great for helping your students control their posture and balance. You can make this drill more difficult by having your students put their feet together or stand on one leg.

    Warm Up | Balance | Posture | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Push Defenses

    This Kenpo combination is very effective for defending against the basic push. A push or shove is a common start to any altercation and it is very valuable to know how to defend against them.

    Self Defense | Kenpo | American Kenpo

  • Dave Kovar - Standing Arm Wrestling

    This centering drill in which both students are trying to pull the other off balance. Be sure to practice on both sides and alternate between keeping the feet planted and using a single step.

    Partner Drill | Balance