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  • Michael Kramp - Mushroom

    This game starts out like dodgeball, but after being hit the student will become a mushroom. If a mushroom tags an active player, that player becomes a mushroom and the mushroom can play again!
    Games | Kids | Balance

  • Michael Kramp - Sensei Says

    This game is just like Simon says. Use martial arts related commands and when students get "out" make them hold a strong stance.
    Games | Self Control | Discipline | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Block Ball

    This game is similar to dodgeball or cowboys and aliens. The only difference is that the students can now use blocks to defend themselves.
    Kids | Blocking | Reaction Time | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Captain America Ball

    This dodgeball-like game uses focus pads as shields to make the game even more exciting. Engage the students by using a heroes versus villains theme.
    Games | Kids | Blocking

  • Michael Kramp - Cowboys And Aliens

    Advanced students will act as the cowboys that throw beachballs at the students. The students, the aliens, will simply try to avoid getting hit like dodgeball.
    Games | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Jedi Dodgeball

    Students will block "meteors" with their lightsabers for a fun game that develops hand-eye coordination.
    Games | Kids | Coordination

  • Michael Kramp - Last Jedi Standing

    The students will use noodles as lightsabers, using strikes to the limbs to eliminate their classmates in a free-for-all format.
    Agility | Kids | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Kung Fu Kangaroo

    One student will wear large gloves, hopping around like a kangaroo while trying to punch their classmates and freeze them into a Kung Fu pose.
    Games | Kids | Movement

  • Michael Kramp - Lava Monster

    The floor is lava! This fun game helps build balance and coordination while students try to avoid flying balls of lava.
    Games | Kids | Balance | Coordination

  • Michael Kramp - One Legged Jedi

    Every students hops around on one leg while the students with lightsabers try to catch the stormtroopers. The red lightsaber freezes while the blue unfreezes.
    Kids | Games | Balance | Cardio

  • Michael Kramp - One Legged Samurai

    This variation of Samurai Freeze Tag requires the ninjas to hop on only one foot while the samurai can hop on two feet.
    Games | Balance | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Samurai Freeze Tag

    This game is just like classic freeze tag. The only difference is when the Samurai tags a player, they have to hold a martial arts stance.
    Games | Kids | Warm Up

  • Michael Kramp - Tug of War

    This drill is a regular tug of war game that works great between classes when the children and the adults can work together.
    Games | Team Work | Kids | Adults

  • Michael Kramp - Use The Force

    This game is great for building hand-eye coordination, using noodles to keep a balloon bouncing up in the air.
    Coordination | Kids | Focus | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Zombie

    Starting with an instructor acting as a zombie on their knees, your students will try to avoid becoming a zombie themselves in a limited space.
    Cardio | Games | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Dodge Duck Dip or Dive

    Using a long rope or several white belts tied together, move the rope forward towards a group of students with instructions to either jump over or sprawl under the rope.
    Reaction Time | Coordination | Focus | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Sprint Sprawl or Crawl

    This red light - green light style of game will make sure your students are focused and provide a great warm up.
    Games | Kids | Sprawl | Warm Up

  • Michael Kramp - Strike Force Balance Ball

    Pairs of two, armed with noodles, will attempt to dislodge the beach ball that the other team is holding with only their hips.
    Games | Kids | Striking | Blocking | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Space Invaders Dodgeball

    This unique take on dodgeball is played so that no one ever gets out! The goal is for one team to invade all the space and take all the players.
    Games | Kids | Teens

  • Michael Kramp- Swords & Shields

    Your students will develop striking and blocking skills while going to battle with the opposite team using noodles as swords and focus pads as shields.
    Games | Kids | Striking | Blocking | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Army Crawl

    This warm up drill develops upper-body strength and teamwork. The students will army crawl down the mat to retrieve noodles for their station.
    Warm up | Upper Body | Games | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Bear Crawl Hoops

    Combine the bear crawl and some basketball skills to give your younger students a fun game that will help build their coordination.
    Kids | Games | Coordination | Speed

  • Michael Kramp - Body Guard

    This game is designed for 2 or 3 teams that must work to defend one of their teammates from being hit by a dodgeball.
    Kids | Games | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Capture the Flag Freeze Tag

    Another great game for parents' night out, birthday parties, or other events. Combining two childhood classics- freeze tag and capture the flag.
    Games | Kids | Team Work