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Dave Kovar - Close Range Mitt Blocking Drills

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Harinder Singh - Trapping Hand Drill 2

Hand to Hand • 4m 59s

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  • Dave Kovar - Close Range Mitt Blockin...

    Mitt drills are great for any martial arts class. This drill will help students defend against hook punches or "haymakers".
    Punching | Parry | Self Defense | Blocking | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Close-Range Mitt Blockin...

    Close-range drills are very important for self defense training and mitt drills are a staple for many classes. This drill helps transition from blocking to the clinch or takedown.
    Blocking | Partner Drill | Takedown | MMA | Self Defense

  • Michael Kramp - Bump And Throw

    One partner will be on defense with their eyes closed, while the other partner will be the aggressor with a body shield.
    Self Defense | Awareness | Reaction Time