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Watch this video and more on Black Belt Drills

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Paul Vunak - Trapping

Jeet Kune Do • 53m

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  • Paul Vunak - Ground Fighting

    Paul shares his knowledge of how to apply Jeet Kune Do for survival in the streets. These are the brutal techniques that he taught the US Navy SEALs, intended for military combat and self preservation. Included are lessons on stick fighting, trapping, edged weapons, wooden dummy training, and gro...

  • Harinder Singh - Trapping Hand Drill 1

    The ability to trap and punch in tandem is a valuable fighting skill. The purpose of trapping is to immobilize the hands to allow time for an additional strike.
    Jeet Kune Do | Punching | Trapping | Grappling | Self Defense

  • Harinder Singh - Trapping Hand Drill 2

    After checking out the first trapping drill on MADrills, use this drill to progress from a static barrier to a technique based on real-life movement. This technique can help you blend the trapping and boxing ranges.
    Jeet Kune Do | Self Defense | Punching | Trapping