At Home Training - Family Drills

At Home Training - Family Drills

This playlist is great for families that love to train at home. The variety of drills included will entertain and challenge family members of all ages and ranks. A family that kicks together, sticks together!

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At Home Training - Family Drills
  • Michael Kramp - Dueling Sit Ups

    The students should lock their feet together and perform sit ups. Every time they reach the top, they will strike each other's noodle twice or try to strike more quickly than the partner.
    Sit Up | Conditioning | Warm Up | Kids | Teens | Adults | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - High Five Push Ups

    This classic drill is a great warm up to increase the energy in the room and get everyone's blood flowing.
    Kids | Team Work | Conditioning | Strength | Exercise | Warm Up

  • Chris Casamassa - Race to 10 Challenge

    This is another drill that works for just about any technique. The goal is for the students to execute the techniques in sync, ending the drill at the same time. They can also race to 10 repetitions.
    Teamwork | Partner Drill | Speed

  • Chris Casamassa - Stop and Go Challenge

    The students will punch towards each other, the first one to strike wins. However, there is a punishment if the student punches when the instructor says "stop".
    Timing | Speed | Focus | Discipline

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - 10 Count Punching with Defense & Partner

    This partner drill incorporates both the 10 count punching and blocking drills. This drill has great application in self defense or MMA.
    MMA | Self Defense | Partner Drill | Combo

  • Antony Graf - Hand Speed Drill

    This drill is very effective to improve your students' punching speed.
    Coordination | Speed | Punching

  • Justin Ortiz - High X-Block Switching Palms

    Defending against a straight punch, students will use a sequence of small defense techniques to ultimately grab the attacker by the head for a takedown.
    Self Defense | Advanced | Takedown

  • Justin Ortiz - Front Choke Defense

    Use a variety of distractions to weaken up the hands. Then use a push-pull of the arms to set up a leg sweep.
    Self Defense | Partner Drill | Takedown

  • Mackensi Emory - Ridge Chop Punch Combo

    This hand combo is a staple combination used in competition today. This combo is great for increasing speed, power, and intensity with fast punches and clean stances.
    Sport Karate | Forms | Hand Combos | Punching

  • Dave Kovar - Centering Drill

    This warm up drill is great for helping your students control their posture and balance. You can make this drill more difficult by having your students put their feet together or stand on one leg.

    Warm Up | Balance | Posture | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Inside Outside Drill

    Not only is this a great warm up and helps your students get focused, it also develops the intuition to slip an incoming punch. There are multiple variations for this drill.
    Warm Up | Reaction | Footwork | Partner Drill | Punch

  • Jackson Rudolph - Catch & Release Drill

    This partner drill is a ton of fun and allows students to focus on individual parts of the release technique. After using it as a drill, you can turn it into a game with some friendly competition to see which team can catch the most releases.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Release | Tric...

  • Michael Kramp - Sensei Says

    This game is just like Simon says. Use martial arts related commands and when students get "out" make them hold a strong stance.
    Games | Self Control | Discipline | Kids

  • Apolo Ladra - Disguising Repetition

    How do you get kids to continue to drill at a high level? Disguising repetition is a key to great reps. These drills will help with footwork, squatting, and tapping and combines them into this next combination.
    Conditioning | Partner Drills | Kali

  • Melody Shuman - Speed Ball

    This game is played just like hot potato. Students will have only 2 seconds to get rid of the ball and must avoid dropping it or making a bad throw.
    Games | Kids | Coordination