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Dave Kovar - Push Defense Terminator

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Dave Kovar - Animal Planet Drill - Monkey

Dave Kovar • 1m 6s

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  • Dave Kovar - Push Defense Terminator

    This Kenpo-based combination is another way to defend against the push. Defending against a push or shove is an essential part of self defense training.

    Self Defense | Kenpo | Combinations

  • Dave Kovar - Fun Stick Tricks - Soft ...

    Use light tosses of the stick to gain better awareness of the weapon. Use both hands to work your peripheral vision and make this drill more difficult.

    Weapons | Escrima | Control | Kali | Tricks | Releases

  • Dave Kovar - Centering Drill

    This warm up drill is great for helping your students control their posture and balance. You can make this drill more difficult by having your students put their feet together or stand on one leg.

    Warm Up | Balance | Posture | Partner Drill