Introduction Class Planner

Introduction Class Planner

Intro sessions are one of the most important classes held at a martial arts business. These classes are often one-on-one or small group sessions that are used to introduce new students to the martial arts and convince them to sign up for your program. This playlist provides a skeleton class planner including an engaging warm up, fun punching drill, a basic kick, some self-defense, and a fun game to cap it all off. You should include some nuances of your style such as respect positions and stance techniques as well.

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Introduction Class Planner
  • Chris Casamassa - Power Jack Challenge

    Students will do jumping jacks, hitting their stomach as hard as they can every time they bring their feet together. Take advantage of the many variations of this drill.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Cardio

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - 10 Count Punching Drill

    These 10 punches (5 on each side) are the foundation of MMA-style striking. Pair this drill with the 10 count blocking drill.
    Punching | Striking | MMA | Self Defense | Combo

  • Jason Han - Front Kick

    Think about the front kick in terms of body mechanics to achieve full extension and maximum power in the kick.
    Kicking | Basics | Power

  • Justin Ortiz - Front Choke Defense

    Use a variety of distractions to weaken up the hands. Then use a push-pull of the arms to set up a leg sweep.
    Self Defense | Partner Drill | Takedown

  • Michael Kramp - Sensei Says

    This game is just like Simon says. Use martial arts related commands and when students get "out" make them hold a strong stance.
    Games | Self Control | Discipline | Kids