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John Hackleman

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John Hackleman
  • John Hackleman - Linear Kicks on the Shield

    Round kicks are often overworked and it can be very beneficial to drill the linear front and side kicks on the shield. Side kicks and spinning back kicks can be effective round kick follow ups as well.
    MMA | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Overhand Right Left Hook

    This combination is used when your opponent crowds you when going for the right overhand. Most of the time the overhand alone isn't quite enough.
    MMA | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Muay Thai Clinch to Spinning Back Kick

    This combination allows the opponent to pull up out of the clinch, setting up your spinning back kick.
    MMA | Muay Thai | Kicking | Bob

  • John Hackleman - MMA is Here to Stay

    This combination drill involves punching, kicking, sprawls, and back drops, then switching to slams and strikes on the ground bag. This drill works almost every aspect of MMA.
    MMA | Punching | Kicking | Sprawl | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Overhand Right Defense

    This defensive jab will protect from the overhand right punch that is infamous for getting knockouts. Don't wear down right handed strikers with leg kicks.
    MMA | Defense | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Power Punching Partner Drill

    Partners begin by alternating punches as fast as they can, then using left and right hooks on the following rounds.
    MMA | Punching | Power | Partner Drill | Endurance | Conditioning | Bag Drill

  • John Hackleman - Reverse Punch Chopping Left Hook

    This drill will help you and your students open up the opponent to a big hook to the chin. Use a reverse punch to the body the get the opponent's hands down.
    MMA | Punching | Bob | Combo

  • John Hackleman - Roundhouse Kick Shield Drill

    This drill is simple, use each leg to round kick the shield as hard as you possibly can. Add some cardio by one partner throwing all the kicks at the end of the drill.
    MMA | Kicking | Round Kick | Power | Cardio

  • John Hackleman - Shot Stopper

    A knee can be a powerful takedown counter, but leaves you on one leg. It is safer to use a strong counter punch to stop the takedown.
    MMA | Takedown | Defense | Counter Striking

  • John Hackleman - Takedown Defense with Overhook

    It is essential for strikers to keep the fight standing and use distance to avoid takedowns. Lateral movement is the key to this drill.
    MMA | Takedown | Defense

  • John Hackleman - Snap Kick Drill

    This drill uses a set-up shot to open up power shots. The snap kick won't typically knock someone out, but it can be followed up by a hard right hand or back kick for the power shot.
    MMA | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Telegraph Buster

    The strongest hook punch in the world does nothing if it only hits the air. This drill helps you avoid telegraphing the hook punch so you can land the knockout.
    MMA | Punching

  • John Hackleman - The Ultimate Drill

    This drill works the ground, the bag, sparring, and aerobic exercise all at the same time. It is the ultimate combination of skills and diverse movement.
    MMA | Conditioning | Cardio

  • John Hackleman - 2 Head Kicks and a Backdrop

    This drill is great for working head kicks, but will also help you and your students practice back drops to protect your head from hitting the ground.
    MMA | Kicking | Bag Drill

  • John Hackleman - 4 Punches and a Sprawl

    This drill develops the ability to anticipate taking a shot after punching your opponent in the face. This skill drill can also be a great workout.
    MMA | Punching | Sprawl | Cardio

  • John Hackleman - Wavemaster Blitz

    This drill's purpose is to strengthen your blitzes and punches. Have students punch the Wavemaster from its starting point to a designated location.
    MMA | Bag Drill | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Attack the Liver

    You can attack the liver from three different distances. Punches get the hands up, then kicks, switch kicks, or knees can be used to strike the liver.
    MMA | Strategy | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Ball Kick to the Liver

    Using the ball of the foot prevents the instep from getting caught by the opponent's elbow. Use this technique to hit the vulnerable liver.
    MMA | Kicking | Bob

  • John Hackleman - Blitz and a Shot

    Simplicity is key with this drill. Use one straight forward blitz to get your opponent's hands up and set up a takedown.
    MMA | Punching | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Blitz Blitz Blitz and Shot

    Use three different angles on the blitzes to set up a shot at the end of the combo. This direction change will keep your opponent guessing.
    MMA | Cardio | Punching | Combo | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Blitz Clinch Shot

    This three step technique uses the blitz and a clinch to open up a shot to the lower body that allows for a takedown.
    MMA | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Blitz to a Liver Shot

    The liver is a key target area that will wear your opponent down very quickly. Begin with a blitz to the face to open up the target area down to the body.
    MMA | Punching | Bob

  • John Hackleman - Body Fold Takedown

    The technique works best from the clinch and is great for strikers that don't want to go all the way down with a takedown.
    MMA | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Bull Fighter Hook

    This technique combines a side-step and a hook punch to avoid contact and potentially knock your opponent out.
    MMA | Punching | Counter Striking