MMA Legends Marathon

MMA Legends Marathon

Why binge-watch Netflix when you could binge-watch MMA legends? Kick back on a Sunday and enjoy this marathon playlist to reenergize you for the Monday grind.

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MMA Legends Marathon
  • Matt Hughes - Training

    Includes MMA instruction from nine_time UFC Welterweight World Champion Matt Hughes. Watch and learn as Matt teaches his training secrets and gives insight to the mixed martial arts game. Starting with basic concepts of knowing your environment, researching your opponent and choosing your corner ...

  • Dan Henderson - Working for Submissions

    Avoiding the strikes, escaping the guard, striking from the guard, submissions from the guard and much more.

  • Randy Couture - Closing the Distance

    Defensive positions to close.
    MMA | Grappling | Defense

  • Frank Shamrock - Power Striking

    demonstrates the deadly combinations, proper punching and kicking techniques, torso turns and footwork you'll need to win fights. As dynamic a teacher as he is a fighter, Frank Shamrock will give you the tools you need to make your opponents tap out. In the second volume of Frank Shamrock's Learn...

  • Jens Pulver - Dirty Boxing

    The master at dirty boxing, Pulver reveals all of his secrets for crushing his opponent