NetKICKS and Chill

NetKICKS and Chill

Why Netflix and Chill when you can NetKICKS and Chill! Check out this playlist to learn all kinds of kicks from sparring applications to high-flying tricks.

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NetKICKS and Chill
  • Justin Ortiz - Round Kick Warm Up

    Progress through this series of paddle drills to work the round kicks and get your students warmed up for an awesome sparring class.
    Warm Up | Kicking | Sparring

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent - Get More Power from Kicks

    Use this progression drill to help your students learn how to use their hips to generate more power on their kicks.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Kicking | MMA

  • Rob Campbell - Tip of the Month - Snap Kick

    Adding a kick to the transition this week, Rob walks you through the combination of stances, windmills, and into the snap front kick.
    Kung Fu | Kata | Balance | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Snap Kick Drill

    This drill uses a set-up shot to open up power shots. The snap kick won't typically knock someone out, but it can be followed up by a hard right hand or back kick for the power shot.
    MMA | Kicking

  • Christine Rodrigues - Defensive Side Kick

    The defensive side kick is extremely important for stopping blitz techniques. Learn a few great drills to develop this kick.
    Sparring | Kicking | Timing | Reaction | Point Fighting | Side Kick | Defense | Point Karate | Point Sparring | Partner Drill | Pad Drill

  • Christine Rodrigues - Ax Kick Drill

    Work on the ax kick from a point fighter's point of view. Learn how to disguise your ax kick so the opponent never sees it coming.
    Intermediate | Technique | Angles | Footwork | Point Karate | Point Fighting | Sparring | Partner Drill | Kicking | Pad Drill

  • John Hackleman - Roundhouse Kick Shield Drill

    This drill is simple, use each leg to round kick the shield as hard as you possibly can. Add some cardio by one partner throwing all the kicks at the end of the drill.
    MMA | Kicking | Round Kick | Power | Cardio

  • Antony Graf - Leverage Round Kick

    How can you develop more power in round kicks without any extra rotation? Learn how to use leverage to increase round kick power.
    The Juice Compound | Conditioning | Warm Up | Exercise | Strength | Power | Kicking | Bag Drill | Fitness

  • Jadi Tention - Hook Round Kick Progression Training Tips

  • Juan Moreno - Body Kick Head Kick Combo

    This drill uses the front leg side kick to establish distance. The side kick will be followed by a head kick to score three points.
    Olympic TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Kicking | Combo

  • Juan Moreno - 2 Probe Kicks & A Power Kick

    This drill is great for all levels and works an essential combo to Tae Kwon Do sparring. You’ll put together side kicks, round kick and back leg round house kicks.
    Olympic TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Paddle Drill | Technique | Fundamentals | Basics | Beginner | Kicking

  • Herb Perez - Setting up the Back Hook Kick

    Use your knowledge of back kick to understand spacing for the back hook kick. Use a Kiyah to cue the students when to kick and develop proper timing.
    Olympic TKD | TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Kicking

  • Jump Spinning Back Kick Tips - Justin Ortiz

    This technique is a dynamic technique that can be used in point sparring but is also a very exciting board break for demonstration. Learn the secrets to fast and sharp jump spinning back kicks.
    Sparring | Point Fighting | Point Sparring | Kicking | Bob

  • Justin Ortiz - Spinning Hook Kick

    Learn how to minimize the amount of circular motion in your spinning hook kick so that you have a faster kick that is more effective for sparring.
    Kicking | Sparring | Point Karate | Sport Karate | Point Fighting

  • Justin Ortiz - Tornado Kick for Sparring

    The tornado kick is an exciting move that is typically only used for demonstration. However, with the proper set up and timing it can be an effective sparring technique as well.
    Kicking | Sparring | Point Karate | Sport Karate | Point Fighting

  • Danny Etkin - Pop 360 Technique

    Great for forms, tricking combos, or demonstrations, the pop 360 gives your performance a nice touch of flare.
    Tricking | Kicking | Creative | Extreme | Sport Karate | Forms

  • Mackensi Emory - 540 Drills

    One of the most difficult transition tricks between a tornado kick and other intermediate kicks for competition, the 540 must end on the kicking leg. The 540 can be used in competition by itself or as part of a longer combination.
    Kicking | Tricking | Extreme | Forms

  • Danny Etkin - Cheat 720

    The cheat 720 is a staple technique in extreme forms and weapons competition. Start with a tornado kick base and add a few modifications to create the hook-kicking cheat 720.
    Kicking | Tricking | Extreme