Basic Stances

Basic Stances

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Basic Stances
  • Rob Campbell - Tip of the Month - Stances

    Good technique is built on a solid stance foundation. Sifu Campbell walks you through basic transitions to different stances.
    Kung Fu | Kata | Balance

  • Michael Kramp - Pass The Death Star

    This drill is a new take on hot potato, working on reaction time and coordination while holding a horse stance.
    Kids | Games | Coordination | Reaction Time

  • Michael Kramp - Hip Hop Train Tracks

    This stance drill uses a noodle for posture and an agility ladder for proper positioning, all while getting a great leg workout.
    Stances | Agility Ladder | Posture | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Locomotive

    Use a noodle to focus on posture and an agility ladder to make sure your students' feet are shoulder-width apart.
    Kids | Beginner | Basic | Stances | Agility Ladder

  • Chris Casamassa - Horse Stance Challenge

    This fun drill puts two partners back to back so they have to keep their back straight while they hold a low horse stance.
    Stances | Strength | Games | Partner Drills | Kids