Knife & Gun Defense

Knife & Gun Defense

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Knife & Gun Defense
  • Steve Demasco - Shaolin Knife, Club, and Gun

    How to defend yourself in a threatening situation. Also the laws that you are subject to.

  • Damon Tong - Beat the Gun

    Learn five different Modern Kenpo self defense techniques against gun attacks from different angles.

  • Frank Valencia - Fighting from the Ground

    Ground control, open guard, Punyo cut, thrust, slashing, elbow break, attacker switches grip, shifting hips and body, judo kesa gatame, ACL break, silat technique, leg over arm bar, knee keylock, disarming defender without blade, inside and outside Siniguro and do's and dont's.

  • Frank Valencia - Short Range Knife Fighting

    Angles of attack from Lameco Eskrima, riding grips, saber grip, Crossada drills, mentality of Filipinos, Eskrimador, riding with disarm, saber grip, punch, drills of medium range, single style blade, tonto style, Do's and Don'ts kicking, spins, empty hand into locks, drills, seven angles of attac...

  • Frank Valencia - Long Range Knife Fighting

    Numerado; the twelve basic strikes, footwork and stances, hand shots, raising and dropping hands, attacking hands, tip of the blade, inside hook, head shots, lunging face shots, sparring, safety equipment.

  • Frank Valencia - Hold Ups

    Knife on chest, forearm disarm to punch, groin strike, front hold ups, 360 on the body, push pull, knife on hips, knife in front of arm, blade on neck, chokes, footwork, blade on back and double knife.

  • Frank Valencia - Full Speed Takedowns

    Lazy man thrust, full thrust redirects, punch arm takedowns, hugging, empty hand slash, eye jabs, standup choke out, ice pick, tuck and roll, throws, forward slash, drills and sparring.

  • Frank Valencia - Fight from a Stalemate

    Learn the Do's and Don'ts of slap and thrust, disarms, Punyo (outside circle), riding the elbow, going under the tunnel, riding the knee, jab slap thrust, rolling head lock, ice pick, hook arm, disarm slap, counters, timing and rhythm, tunnel counter and double knife. Training also includes: fore...

  • Thomas Sipin - Dedicated and Universal Training Drills

    Thomas Sipin shows the self defense moves for his universal training drills.

  • Dave Durch - Trapping

    In this title, Durch details close quarter hand movement, Wing Chun's center line fighting, chi sao, fok sal, tong sal, lop sal, and pak sal. He also shows trapping drills with MMA punching and teaches you how to use all of these techniques in MMA.

  • Harinder Singh - Defanging The Snake - Part 2

    This progression drill starts with movement to avoid someone attacking with a weapon. After you understand the footwork, use counter-striking to negate your opponent.
    Jeet Kune Do | Escrima | Knife | Weapons | Self Defense

  • Harinder Singh - Defanging The Snake - Part 1

    Many instructors teach to block first before countering a weapons strike. Instead, it may be more effective to strike directly at your attacker's hand.
    Jeet Kune Do | Escrima | Knife | Weapons | Self Defense

  • Dave Kovar - Knife Threats Part 4

    The final drill of this series focuses on defending yourself when the knife is pressed against your neck from behind. It is best to avoid finding yourself in this position, but these are a few ideas that may help.
    Knife | Self Defense | Weapons

  • Dave Kovar - Knife Threats Part 3

    The third drill of this series focuses on the knife being held at the back. Remember that after evading and controlling the weapon, you should strike to make the disarm easier.
    Weapons | Self Defense | Knife | Takedown

  • Dave Kovar - Knife Threats Part 2

    The second drill of this series focuses on knife defense when the attacker has the knife to your stomach. This works great when the attacker is already applying some pressure with the knife.
    Weapons | Self Defense | Knife | Takedown

  • Dave Kovar - Knife Threats Part 1

    The first drill of this series focuses on a knife threat pressed up to the neck. Use the fact that action is faster than reaction to successfully defend yourself.
    Weapons | Self Defense | Knife | Takedown

  • Mike Parker - Beginner Knife Tapping

    Knife tapping is when you are defending yourself from a knife when you are unarmed. This technique should be a last resort when in such a situation.
    Kali | Knife | Weapons | Self Defense