Cardio & Endurance

Cardio & Endurance

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Cardio & Endurance
  • Frank Shamrock - Fit to Fight

    In this all star program, five of the best ever mixed martial arts Champions of the cage and ring divulge their secrets for strength and conditioning workouts. You'll learn how the best fighters in the world really train.

  • Ted Guerrero - 50's

    Disguising repetition is one of the hardest skills to master as an instructor. This is a great cardio drill to kickstart high-level classes.
    Fitness | Cardio | Warm Up

  • Antony Graf - Jump Rope - Penguin Jump

    After practicing the proper penguin jump, this is a fun and effective warm up and exercise for kids.
    The Juice Compound | Conditioning | Warm Up | Exercise | Strength | Cardio | Agility | Fitness

  • Michael Kramp - War Drum

    Students will perform high knees over their classmates sequentially in a circle. To make it more difficult, have the students hold a plank instead of laying down.
    Warm Up | Rhythm | Cardio

  • Michael Kramp - Dueling Fireman's Carry

    Use a variation of the fireman's carry to get a full body workout. Make safety a priority on this drill.
    Stamina | Adults | Conditioning | Team Work | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Rocket Fuel

    This drill uses sprawls to separate high speed punching from striking at 50%. It provides great cardio for all ages.
    Cardio | Conditioning | Kids | Adults

  • Michael Kramp - The Elliptical

    Work on explosive speed using a drill similar to mountain climbers that starts up against the bag and ultimately involves fast striking.
    Cardio | Speed | Targeting | Focus | Bag Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Double Punch Gauntlet

    Your students will navigate through staggered Wavemasters, punching all the way through for a cardio-based warm up.
    Warm Up | Punching | Footwork

  • Michael Kramp - 5 Rounds 10 Shots

    This drill uses five different types of exercises or strikes, using ten reps of each exercise.
    Adults | Endurance | Stamina | Conditioning | Exercise | Fitness | Warm Up

  • Justin Ortiz - 2-4-6 Counting Rhythm Warm-Up

    This warm up sets up some of the dynamic motion needed for sparring. It also helps your students stay synchronized during the warm up and will make your class look more professional.
    Warm Up | Sparring | Point Karate | Sport Karate | Point Fighting | Timing | Rhythm

  • John Hackleman - The Ultimate Drill

    This drill works the ground, the bag, sparring, and aerobic exercise all at the same time. It is the ultimate combination of skills and diverse movement.
    MMA | Conditioning | Cardio

  • Chris Casamassa - Power Jack Challenge

    Students will do jumping jacks, hitting their stomach as hard as they can every time they bring their feet together. Take advantage of the many variations of this drill.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Cardio